The engine that drives us every day to improve is the commitment to our clients. We are delighted to team up with them. Working together to offer them the best products, we constantly renew according to fashion trends. This challenge motivates us to move forward. We like to know their needs to offer them exclusive alternatives. Our commitment is to look at the new world through the eyes of our customers.

Since our founding in 1954 we have made quality the main axis of the personality of our leather. Selecting and producing our own raw material and carrying out a meticulous manufacturing process with strict quality controls, allow us to offer the best finishes. For this reason most prestigious fashion brands around the world have chosen and currently choose Fontanellas & Martí leather for their first class products.

The prestige of Fontanellas & Martí is the result of an exciting career. Years of hard work. The efforts of an entire team. The creativity and the willingness to be. Knowing that, we must give the best of ourselves in a changing and demanding market in order to be on top every day.

The continuous improvement system, a truly innovative application in the world of tanning, guarantees optimum quality of the article and on time delivery. Making the best article is not enough. It has to be delivered timely to the customer. Therefore, the service is prompt and guaranteed by Fontanellas & Martí.